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Welcome to the promotional content page for THA.

New content for promotion is added EACH WEDNESDAY for our affiliates to use.  Please check back each week for fresh content!

A few rules we need to lay down before any content is used.
1.  This content is only to be used in promotion of traffic and it's affiliate program.
2.  Use of this content is not a license to sell any portion of the content located here-in, to include not posting any of this content behind any portion of a PAY SITE.  This is free promo content.  DO NOT make anyone pay for it.

By using this content you agree to these terms.

Violation of these terms will result in the permanent suspension of access to this site and removal of all the content you have posted from here.

To get access to this site, you must have a CCBILL AFFILIATE ID NUMBER.
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If you have a CCBILL AFFILIATE NUMBER, email us the following info:

2.  The URL on file with CCBILL affiliate program
3.  The email address on file with CCBILL affiliate program
4.  The URL where the content will be posted

EMAIL US:  bf AT topheavyamateurs DOT com


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